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Design once,

Turn Figma designs into easy-to-use templates that can be shared as simple forms with co-workers and customers, and scale up your marketing production.

Start in Figma
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Three steps to create
an impactful marketing campaign

Scale up the marketing asset generation process
with easy-to-use configurable templates

Design in Figma

Don't leave your favorite editor and start creating beautiful, re-usable designs directly in Figma.

  • Work in a professional design editor
  • Use all Figma design features, including Auto Layout
Designing in Figma
Creating a template from a Figma design

Turn your Designs into a Template

Using the official Postee plugin for Figma you can turn your designs into templates and select all the parts that should be configurable.

  • Choose from many different field types such as text, date, images, and more
  • Share your templates with others, such as colleagues or clients

Generate Assets

Generating new assets from a template is as easy as filling out a form.

  • Generate assets in all needed dimensions, for all the platforms you target
  • Export assets as files or directly into third-party systems
Generating assets from a Postee template